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    ​I started working for Loomis in 2014 as a Driver Guard. Over the years I have found it to be very interesting and Loomis to be a brilliant company to work for. The weeks and days are very varied with no two days the same.

    With on the job training provided you soon pick up all aspects of the work involved. Working with colleagues and meeting customers you build a great rapport with the people you work for and the people for which you provide the service.

    There is also opportunity to progress within the company and management will work with anyone on this matter.

    Stuart - Joined Loomis in 2014


    Joined Loomis in 2014 , LOOMIS UK
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    ​I've worked for Loomis in Manchester since November 2001 - originally working on ATM routes for 3 years before moving over to Cash in Transit. I worked closely with customers - building a good and enjoyable regular route.

    In 2010 I was given the opportunity to progress on to HGV Special Services - the job is different every day and involves transporting high value loads all over the country.

    I have always found Loomis as a company to be fair and understanding. In 2016 my son was diagnosed with a serious illness but with my employers support I was able to work around all hospital appointments until he was better.

    Karl - Joined Loomis in 2001


    Joined Loomis in 2001 , LOOMIS UK
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    ​I started out as a Driver/Guard in 1990 and have spent my career with Loomis in a number of roles, including Supervisor, Branch Manager and Area Manager.

    I have never had the feeling of being 'just a number'. I feel the camaraderie in the company - between all levels of employees - creates an energetic work environment where anyone can easily create and share new ideas.

    I now work for Loomis as a Business Support Manager responsible for national project development and delivery to support the front line Operators in achieving the company goals.

    Loomis is a great company that not only looks after its customers and the ‘bottom-line’ but also its people.

    Geoff- Joined Loomis in 1990


    Joined Loomis in 1990 , LOOMIS UK
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    ​I started with Loomis in 2016, it was a big career change but I wanted to work for a well-established company with ambition.

    I often saw Loomis driver guards in the town centre and thought they looked really professional and very efficient - that is why Cash in Transit really interested me.

    I currently work as a vault operative and I love it! Every day is different and brings a fresh and exciting challenge. The 'team feeling' in and around the work place is second to none and we all pride ourselves in delivering great customer satisfaction on a daily basis.

    Loomis is a great company to work for and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be a part of a growing success which does its upmost for both its employees and customers.

    Sam- Joined Loomis in 2016


    Joined Loomis in 2016 , LOOMIS UK