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Cash Management Services & Solutions

Cash Management Services & Solutions

We offer a secure and efficient cash processing service for businesses of all sizes.

With cash processing centres across the UK, our experienced teams handle the counting and verification of cash and coins to ensure accuracy and detect counterfeits.

We provide detailed reports and utilize tracking systems for enhanced security. Our service is flexible, catering to various delivery needs and integrating with existing systems.

Businesses can benefit from reduced bank charges, time savings, faster funds availability, and increased security. Additionally, we provide reliable cash ordering and delivery, offering precise denominations and sealed, tamper-proof packaging.

Opportunities available

Cash Processor

As a Cash Processor, you will work with your team to ensure the safe and secure preparation and processing of cash and coin deposits for our Loomis customers.

This position requires a high level of accuracy, counting and making up customer orders within our cash centres.

You will record and reconcile customer deposits to their requirements, utilising our high-speed counting machines.

Attention to detail and compliance is vital as you will be required to identify any discrepancies, reporting them to your Line Manager.

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